Blue Mountain Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale



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Brewer: Blue Mountain Brewery ……………. ABV: 5.9
Style: Virginia Pale Ale IBU: 60
Color: Medium Flavor Profile: Fruity/Nutty
Best Enjoyed: In Spring or Fall Best Served In: Bottle
Best Served With: Poultry Opacity: Dark

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – In the continued quest to find unique and fun brews, I recently came across the Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale during a recent trip to our local grocery store. Man stores in the NOVA area offer the unique opportunity to try multiple microbrewed or specialty beers as part of a “Build Your Own 6-Pack” option and it’s definitely worth it!

The Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale has a unique fruity aroma with a thick body and low-head/foam quotient if poured properly. The leave in the glass is relatively light and for those who like a heavily-flavored ale, this is definitely for you!

I’d suggest this brew for a moderate Spring day but it may be a bit much for Summer heat. It’s a nice stand-alone beer or could be paired with a thickĀ  Cheeseburger (As Rocky Balboa would say, “Now ya see? That’s class!“).

As far as the Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale goes, this is one hold I don’t want to get out of!

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