Blue Moon: Blackberry Tart Ale


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Blue Moon: Blackberry Tart Ale Cheat Sheet

Brewer:  Blue Moon ……………. ABV: 5.8
Style:  Ale IBU:  0
Color:  Dark A Flavor Profile:  Tart/Bland
Best Enjoyed:  N/a Best Served In:  n/a
Best Served With:  N/a Opacity:  N/a

ALEXANDRIA,VA – This brew took us by surprise and not in a good way. Blue Moon printed clearly on the top label that they listened to the fans when creating this brew and that might have been the reason for the misguided flavor.  They were aiming for a Blackberry and Raspberry mixture and all they got was just plain tart.

This is by far one is the worst brew that Blue Moon has out on the market at this point in time. There is no saving grace for this line. Nothing can be paired with it and it is not a stand alone brew.


Overall, this is a major let down from one of the more well known breweries out there. Please consider yourself lucky that this flavor is only on limited release and only available in the summer sampler pack.

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