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ANNANDALE, VA – Everyday I pass this place on my way to work and the curiosity just grows. I finally broke down and ordered a pizza. The online site has it’s glitches but ordering was a snap! When i when to check the pricing online, most of the menu had layout issue but the specials (as pictured below) looked fine.


When I was ready to order, I clicked on the “order now” button since they offer a 15% discount for all online order (Restrictions apply). When I when to the ordering system, it went to a system powered by The ordering system was slightly confusing at first but it was very easy to figure out. I wanted a plain cheese pizza. when I clicked on what I wanted, additional options populated in a new menu.


As you add items to your order, there is a widget that stays on the right hand side displaying our total order plus to shows your a running total of your order. This widget is set for a default of delivery but you can click yo change it to a pick up. When you start to place your order, the default is set to delivery, there is an automatic $2 surcharge for delivery.


As I completed, the ordering process, I set up a delayed pick up so I could pick it up on my way home from work. As I pull into the location, after work, the parking lot was pack and i got one of tow remaining slots that were available. My order way ready so I was quickly on my way. When I was inside, I did notice that there was no room to dine in and everything was carry out or delivery.


Upon arrival home, I inspected the pizza and noticed that it was slightly on the greasy side. The overall flavor was pretty good considering the grease. The price was definitely fair for the amount of pizza I received. With ordering online, scheduling my pick up, I was also able to take 15% off my order since it was placed online. My total including taxes was $11.70 for a 16″ cheese pizza! That is a pretty good deal!

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