Beyond the Box

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Businesses are trying corners any way they can. One thing, as a consumer you need to be aware of if packaging. This is one of the top places where companies try to trick the consumer. a lot of companies conceal the amount you are purchasing. Here is a great example for this situation that was put out by Weight Watchers. This box is about 6″X4″X1.5″ .


After opening up the package, the purchaser would be highly disappointed by the size of the product considering it only took up 1/3 of the box that is was packaged in. Each piece was was pretty tiny for the size of box they were placed in. As you can tell from the photo below, the brownie was not all that big.


This is when it pays off particularly well when you look at the cost per once verses the cost per serving. When looking at the cost per once versus the cost per serving, you are less likely to feel let down by your recent purchase.

Overall, be aware of the marketing scams that some companies use and know what exactly you are purchasing.

Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!

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