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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Best Buy is one of the top electronics vendors to the public but how does their rewards program stack up to the competition? There is is definitely room for improvement in some areas while others are pretty competitive.

The nice part is that you do earn a point for almost everything you buy. There are very few restrictions on what can’t get points. Now, obviously, you can not get point on using your points to purchase something but you do get points on the remainder of the balance. Plus from our experience, it also reduce the amount you pay in taxes (at least that is what we have experienced). Another thing Best Buy does to entice you to come is occasionally offer Double and Triple points to speed up the process of getting your rewards!

The only negative thing about this program is that your points only last for so long before they get erased. So be careful how long you go in between purchases.

Overall not a bad program but as you can see there is room for improvement!

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