AMF Bowling



Snob Rating:

ANNANDALE, VA – This was a review that we were actually paid to do and would like to share our experience with you. Overall, there have been vast improvements to the location since we last visited but there is still room for improvement. The computer for the lane was not the easiest to use and there was no one around to assist with getting everything up and going. I only bowled 2 games and that was unfortunately cut short.



I really didn’t see the sense in fighting for one more frame so I ended my session. After I turned everything back over (shoes, ball, etc.), I went to the snack bar for a quick bit. The pricing for a beer is astronomical. For a 12 oz Yingling and a small basket of French Fries, I spent nearly $10! The fries did have a pleasant taste but there not worth $4.69.

amf003The food was served fairly quickly. I left with the beer in hand but had to wait on the French Fries. The sad part is that the air conditioning was broken so the beer did not keep cool and quickly warmed up. The fries were served pretty hot and I had to wait till they reached an eatable temperature. They were crispy and had a good flavor to them.



Overall, I would say this was a good visit. The food was better than the bowling. There is definitely room to improve nor would I come here without a deal like I did. Be Well and NEVER Pay Retail!—


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